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Dipl.-Ing. Carola Westphalen

As part of its business areas, KNOTEN WEIMAR GmbH offers the following services.

Conception and realisation of subject-specific technology projects

in the areas of:

  • waste management (e.g. waste avoidance, concepts of waste management, material flow management, biological treatment, landfill concepts and disposal scenarios for emerging nations and developing countries)
  • sanitary and waste water concepts (e.g. low-tech solutions, separation systems)
  • environmental management systems
  • renewable energies and energy management
Conception and realisation of further education actions

in the areas of:

  • university further education in cooperation with Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
    • distance learning Master's degree programme "Environmental Engineering and Management", taught in English
    • further education certificate course for specific groups of engineers
    • certificate courses in the field of waste management, on request
  • subject-specific further education courses, trainings and workshops, on request (e.g. on waste management, infrastructure and master plan development)
  • subject-specific events and field trips to, among others, sites of technical infrastructure at home and abroad (e.g. biogas and composting plants, landfills, waste water treatment)
Issuing of studies and expert opinions

in the mentioned areas, e.g.:

  • country-specific information on the topic of municipal solid waste
  • issues of the recycling of specific fractions of waste e.g. biowaste, bioplastics, medical waste

KNOTEN WEIMAR GmbH supervises academic final papers within these areas of business.